Auto Tire Pressure

Kingsway Auto is proud to offer a full range of tire pressure services to vehicle owners located in Etobicoke and the GTA

Kingsway Auto: Etobicoke Tire Shop - Tire PressureTire pressure is simply the amount of air there is in your vehicle's tires. The amount of air goes down as you drive your car and there is wear and tear on your tires. The older the tires or the more harshly they are treated, the worse the tire pressure will be. It is extremely important to maintain proper tire pressure in your vehicle's tires. Too little or too much air in the tire can cause serious performance issues and can hurt the gas mileage that your vehicle gets.

If the tires are over-inflated, you will have problems handling your vehicle. The vehicle will have problems holding the road and taking corners. If you over-inflate the tires too much, they can even explode, either while driving or while you are filling them. In either case, this can be quite dangerous.

Under-inflated tires on vehicles can go flat, can seriously drag on gas mileage, and can destroy the lifespan of your tire. A vehicle with under-inflated tires will perform sluggishly in a best case scenario. Tires are as important to your safety as brakes are, so you must take tire pressure seriously when owning or operating a vehicle.

Tire pressure should be checked routinely, at least once a month, and tires should maintain a stable pressure for maximum efficiency. A simple hand held tire gauge will give you an accurate enough reading of the tire pressure of your vehicle's tires.

If your tires have problems maintaining ample tire pressure, then something is likely wrong with the tires themselves. They need to be repaired or replaced. The technicians at Kingsway Auto are always glad to examine your tires, to make sure that they are right for your vehicle and maintaining proper tire pressure.